WeyFest Review

  Review: The weather stayed fine for the outdoor part of this local charity event, held in the beer garden on the Exchange hotel, Farnham. Unfortunately an accident just outside Farnham had caused problems for much of the audience, though this provided the unusual delight of being able to watch the first few bands while seated out of the sun. First on the bill were the The Flying Tigers, who did what was needed, in that awkward job. Their lead singer Tracy Murphy has such a powerful voice to blast it out on the heavy rock numbers, but can also go into soulful mode on the slower R&B tracks.
  Next up were Ciao Buddha, who's debut CD is called 'Rise', and they certainly woke up the crowd, and most of the neighbourhood too. A great 3-piece band. There were short 20 min breaks between the sets, while the bands carted their equipment in and out, but this gave ample time for the audience to pay a visit, or buy refreshments at the bar. Then it was the turn of The True Deceivers, with a folky-country-rock blend of musical styles. By the time the UK Blues Project started playing there was quite a crowd gathered. There is nothing like the blues to make you feel relaxed and chilled on a late summer afternoon. They also had a new CD available called 'No Rush'.
  Then came the Dayglo Pirates, with special guest Glenn Cornick (a former member of the real Jethro Tull), who can usually be found playing with Wild Turkey. First came the older progressive set, and then a few more recent rock numbers. The lead singer Paul Forrest, in heavy coat, which he discarded to reveal green tights and multicoloured waistcoat, danced around the stage and playing his flute with one legged cocked. Sadly his mandolin wouldn't play but it was still an outstanding and memorable performance. At 8pm the lucky few of the crowd, who'd booked early, then moved inside.
  For the finale, a performance by the Jackie Lynton band. This was due to complaints from the hotel's neighbour, about the loud, funky music and some ordinary people having a good time and raising lots of money for a good cause. Many thanks and gratitude go out to all the bands who played at WeyFest 2006 and to Steve and Julie, who run the Exchange Hotel, for hosting the event.

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