Virgin Radio - One Last Dream

Over the past few week's Virgin Radio has been running a competition for all those long disbanded bands that never quite made it to the BIG TIME. The prize of a lifetime is an opening slot for Eric Clapton at this years Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park on 28th-29th June. The 3 best groups have reached the final.
Paul Baker (lead vocals), Dan Synge (guitar), Rupert Bloomfield (bass guitar), James Hannington (drums), Paul Davey (saxophone), Bert Routledge (keyboards), Emma Smith (backing vocals). (5410)
Diz Nelson (lead vocals, still missing), Steve Boyce (guitar and vocals), Ron Sims (guitar and vocals), Rik Luk (bass guitar), and Gary Hunsley). (5409)
20/20 VISION
Chris Squelch (lead vocals), Ron Fielding (guitar and backing vocals), Tommy Stead (bass guitar), Richard Adams (keyboards), Frank Manzanero (drums) and Mike Ben. (5408)
This week they all had to record a cover of the classic rock antham "Born to be Wild" by Steppenwolf. You can listen to the 3 tracks here, One : Two : Three. Click on the link, then close your eyes, when its finished make a note of the number at the end of the web address, and whether or not you like it. Listen to all 3, then see which was which, by checking the number against the band's name above. This Friday (30th May) after a listeners vote, one band will be given their marching orders, and their dream will be over.
The contest was eventually won by the Steve Boyce Band, who opened for Eric Clapton at Hard Rock Calling.

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