Unplugged Special at the Legendary Halfmoon

  On the 24th of January 2010 there was an all-day (well afternoon & night) spectacular featuring the best in new talent. Many of the artists had already appeared at the monthly Halfmoon Unplugged showcase evenings, hosted by Redvers BAILEY & Natalie ROSS. We streamed into the backroom, set out with candlelit tables and chairs, and waited for the first of the eighteen acts to take to the stage.
  A little later than advertised, but everyone was relaxed and enjoying the sence of anticipation building in the room. Onto the stage came Redvers BAILEY, to officially welcome everyone to this marathon of music. He plays with a band called One, but on this occasion he was alone with his electric guitar. A perfect start. Next came another solo guitarist Robin Joel SANGSTER. The running order had been carefully planed with a mixture of solo performers and Bands, all playing original compositions.  

  Joanna WESTON, has been playing the guitar since the age of 14, and studied at the ACM in Guildford. She was accompanied by another acoustic guitarist and a guy on the Cajon, an empty wooden chest, which the player sits on and beats with both hands and which has recently been rediscovered as an alternative to tomtoms. She was followed by another young lady on her own, with an acoustic guitar, Anoushka LUCAS. At first appeared very nervous by soon developed a humourous rapour with the crowd, revealing that she had been living in Russia for a while. This made them instantly forget about the fact that she couldn't remember some of the words to her own songs.
  Next up was Westley HORNER, a regular at the weekly Halfmoon Unplugged evenings, with some of his own folky tunes. He was followed by SEEKR (aka Marek Duchnowski) strumming his guitar, and occasionally beating his bongos.  
MATTHEWS, Hannah : ROSS, Natalie : Songbird (BANNON, Lauren) : FARRER, Tom : Cat Nickless : KORN, Daniel : Hollow Moon : WHITE, Hannah :
Ay Ducane : BANKS, Grace : Ryan OReilly Band :
  As the finale to this musical marathon came NewRising, with Jay on Acoustic guitar, Adam on the Cajon and Tom on bass guitar. They rhythmic, pounding beat had the audience crying out for more. This event also served as a fitting celebration for saving the Halfmoon from ending up as just another gastro-pub. Well done to Redvers and all those who petitioned the Brewery to change its mind 

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