The Power of One

__For the past 4 years there has been live music in the courtyard of Pews Bar in Guildford, Crowds of music-lovers gathered every Thursday night to hear Gavin and his Guitar. Sadly from now on, the music has been moved inside, thanks to a series of complaints by one local resident to the council. Thats right folks it only needs one, to spoil it for the many. This may be a little easier to understand if the decibel level was that of Motorhead, or it was pulsing rave music from the Chemical Brothers till 3am, but its just one man with an acoustic guitar.
__The poor bar owner has spent a great deal of his valuable time over the past few months, in meetings with the council, police and other interested parties. In discussions on the future of open-air entertainment at the venue, which have included a wide range of other considerations, as well as the feelings of this one individual. Some council employees have tried in vain to help Pews maintain its external live music. The council's decision was anounced a couple of weeks ago, with the removal of Pews licence to have LIVE music in the Courtyard (you can still go there, sit outside, and listen to piped music.) go figure.
__Obviously there will be some people who just like to go there, sit outside and talk, and drink in pleasant surroundings, and they will be uneffected by this ruling. But for those who simply go there to enjoy the free live music, there is now only room inside for 25% of those who were in the courtyard. So please come along and show your support for Gavin and Pews. Its too early to tell the effect this judgement will have on the bar's profits. How much longer are we going to allow a few lone complainants, who willingly move near to live music venues, to control how the rest of us enjoy our freetime?

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