Say NO to Form 696

In a further move by this government towards a Orwellian Police State, and a seeming desire to completely kill off all of the free live music scene in London, comes Form 696. It will affect all licensees of venues in the 21 London boroughs, who wish to hold live music events, and all the musicians who want to play in London. On the Form they are requested/ordered to provide names, addresses, aliases, and telephone No's, of musicians, and most worryingly, the likely ethnicity of their audience. We all know that the Metropolitan Police doesn't have the best track record in recent times when it comes to racial fairness. This Form can only serve to deter the staging of live musical events, as failure to comply with the bureaucracy could result in fines or imprisonment. It will stifle free expression and penalise certain genres of music and ethnic audiences.

Please go to this government website and sign the petition against Form 696.

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