Shine a Light on the Rolling Stones

This week sees the release of another wonderful film by acclaimed director Martin Scorsese. It is a study of the extra-ordinary career and music of The Rolling Stones. You can tell that Mr Scorsese is a real Stones fan, and has already used a great deal of their back-catalogue in his other films including "Mean Streets", "Goodfellas", "Casino", and most recently in "The Departed". Most of this new film "Shine a Light" was shot over 2 nights of special performances by the band at the Beacon Theatre in New York. This has been inter-mingled with some archive footage and interviews. At the start, Mr Scorsese is desperate for a set-list, in order to have some chance of being ready for the wild and often unplanned movements of a live show. If you go in expecting all of their greatest hits, you may be a little disapointed, as the majority of the music is from their early years. But still there are 3 or 4 sing-alongs in the second half, though I can't remember hearing anyone in the auditaurium, brave enough to even try. Its the kind of film where you almost need to be standing up, in order to be totally free to enjoy the music. Unfortunately in any of these new crampt cinemas, with all the seats bolted together, you can't even tap your feet without causing an earthquake. Though none of that is Mr Scorsese's fault, he has done a great job in trying to film such a manic event. He has had plenty of experience in this field, if you'll excuse the pun, as he was an editor on "Woodstock". His other films with a musical theme include, with The Band on "The Last Waltz", with the genius Bob Dylan on "No Direction Home"and on one episode of "The Blues" called "Feel Like Going Home". The double CD Soundtrack is now available for an amazing £8.93 from ASDA, and for under £10 from other outlets.

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