Smoking Ban only a year away

The overdue ban on smoking in Public places has an overwhelmingly mandate of MPs with a total of 384 in favour to 184 against, giving a majority of 200. This will prohibit people lighting up in all English pubs and clubs. This can only help the overall health of the nation, as well as those who have to work at these venues, and the bands who provide the great live music. We will re-claim these often avoided amenities for everyone to enjoy. The ban is due to start on June 4th 2007 so there's only a year to go. Hopefully some if not all venues will take the brave decision to phase in the new law sooner, rather than a sharp-shock overnight change-over leaving the foul odour in the carpets and furnishings for months after.

Many thanks go to the Labour Government, particularly the Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt and this demonstrates the power of public opinion to make lasting changes.

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