Is London is the most cosmopolitan city in the world?

Two researchers started a project on United Nations Day (Oct 24th) last year to find a person from each of the 192 countries of the world, who lives and works in London. The project is titled "World in One City" and so far Owen Powell and Alex Horne have contacted representatives from 84. You can read about the project and the interviews they have conducted on their website.

They don't want to hear from anyone who works at an embassy or tourists. Although they list the countries already found, it would be very helpful if they listed the ones they are still looking for, in order of population, and hence likelyhood of finding someone.

The top 20 from what I think are missing (in Alphabetical order) :
Chile : Cuba : Cambodia : Egypt : Fiji : Finland : Hungary : Kenya : Luxembourg : Saudi Arabia : Serbia : Sierra Leone : Slovakia : Slovenia : Switzerland : Taiwan : Uganda : Ukraine : United Arab Emirates : Vietnam

Please e-mail them if you're from one of the countries missing :

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