For DISCiples see Famous Five

If you have seen the DISCiples over the last few years, come down and check out the Famous Five Band, they play the tracks you love and remember, they even look the same, well most of them do. At the end of 2007, 5 of the 6 DISCiples decided to break away and form a new band. This left the keyboard player (Nick van Dorp) with the Band name and little else to try and carry on. One of the most surprising things about the Famous Five Band, is that it has 6 members, but no dogs. It features the sweet tones of Liesbeth Eggink from Holland (lead vocals), Julia Krajewska (lead vocals), Simon Cowl (guitar and vocals), Andy Cooper (guitar), Mike Barden (bass guitar and keyboards), and Alan Cottrell (drums and percussion).

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