Download free music

Here are just some on the websites offering legal free downloads of music of all genres.

All About Jazz - - Michael Ricci
definitive Philadelphia based jazz site
Amie Street - - Amie Street Inc.
sell your songs, and spot new talent - but there is a catch
The "B" Side - - Red Kelly
keeping the memory of old flipsides alive
Cocaine Blunts - - Nos
explore the under-represented hip-hop scene
Cover Freak - - Steve McIntyre
find cover versions of your favourite hits
Disco Belle - - Martin Andersson
a fine place to discover remixes and DJ Disco mixtapes
Fat Planet - - Stuart Buchanan
a melting pot of cutting edge international contemporary music
Garage Hangover - - Chris Bishop
Tracks from 26 countries, shining a light on long-forgotten teenage bands in the 60s
Get On Down with the Stepfather of Soul - - Jason Stone
There is so much good soul, funk, blues, jazz and gospel, to share with the world
Get Your Bootleg On - -
forum with links to budding producers mash-up tracks and themed challenges
Honey, Where you been so long? - - Peter Patnaik
Pre-war blues with an infectious mix of reverence and enthusiasm
ill-ec-tro-nic - - Langer
a catholic remit with experimental electronica, techno,remixes of indie tracks and even the odd slab of psychedelic rock
ITunes Store - - Apple
Free single of the week from the global download giant
Lost in the 80s - - John C Hughes
Entertaining music from the 80s, find that one minor hit by a forgotten new-wave pop group
La Onda Tropical - - Dries Gevaert
Latin American beats, both traditional and contemporary
Pitchfork Media - - Ryan Schreiber
Indie-rock webzine that has recently kickstarted several new bands fortunes
Smuggled Sounds - - Zazafrom Jahor
Live concert bootlegs, relive both classic gigs from 60s, 70s, and 80s as well as recent reunions
Swedes Please - - Craig Bonnell
Showcasing the swedish indie-pop scene
Turtles 78rpm Jukebox - - Turtle Services Ltd
more than 120 mp3s converted from dusty old 78s dating from 1909 to 1928
Vinyl Orphanage - - Pastor McPurvis
a safe haven for downtrodden albums, cruise ship, high school bands, and cocktail bar performers

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