Campaign for a Permanent Bandstand in Woking Park

I have started a campaign for a Permanent Bandstand in Woking Park. At present I only want to guage the public opinion of Woking Residents, and indeed the music lovers of Surrey, to the idea of creating a Permanent Bandstand in Woking Park. For anyone else out there who lives in Woking, Surrey, and loves good live music, and has often wondered, what it would be like to have free open-air concerts in Woking Park. You only have to visit Farnham or Godalming Parks, or Guildford Castle on a summer Sunday afternoon. All of these local Parks have recently invested in Permanent Bandstand structures, with power connections to provide a perfect stage for local musicians to perform.
I know that Public Bandstands have been strongly associated, in the past, with Brass Bands, but this new structure should also be used for Folk, Jazz, Rock, Soul, or even Blues, indeed any other genre of music that will draw a crowd. There has to be a period of consultation with local musicians, residents, and other interested parties in order to finalise the plan.

The best way to express your support for this idea is by sending an e-mail to Hannah Smith, Arts Development Officer at Woking Borough Council. I have already been in contact with her, and was informed that in 2009 the Summer Sounds Season had included some performances in Woking Park. This was news to me, although I've been running a local live music review and listings website, called Inhibition for the last four years. It seemed clear there had been a lack of good publicity as is often the case.

Hannah Smith, Arts Development Officer at Woking Borough Council -

They have a database of bandstand performers, though at present this does not include any Rock / Pop / Folk artists. So if you'd like to be considered send in your details. The Council have also been cosidering hiring a temporary bandstand, but were unable to find one that could be safely left on site. I have set up a facebook page to find out if anyone else in Woking feels the same.

Campaign for a Permanent Bandstand in Woking Park

I think that the perfect site would be the hillside grassed area bordered by the miniature golf, tennis court, and footpath up to Constitution Hill (proposed Site 1) on the Google map under facebook photos. If this is not available then on the Putting Green, bordered by the Bowls Green, Pool in the Park, and the Cricket pavillion (Proposed Site 2).

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