Christmas 'Round Ours - State of Undress

This folk-rock band form Dorset have released a special E.P. called "Christmas 'Round Ours", to celebrate the season of goodwill and bring some relief from the dreary X-factor, which seams to dominate the charts and media. It contains 5 tracks, starting of with the single mix of the title track. Next is a cover of the classic "Failytale of New York" with added spice from husband and wife, Alan and Charlie Rose. Then comes the haunting and tranquill "Christmas Truce / Silent Night" based on an article by Simon Rees. Please note the seamless transition between the German's singing Stille Nacht and the English Silent Night, demonstating the close links between the two languages, and the futility of war. Then there is a new recording of "Take me to the leader", a track from one of the bands earlier LPs, written by Peter Foster. The final track is an extended mix of "Christmas 'Round Ours".
Reviews: A Christmas single you can like…? There’s a decent enough tune here (with a strummy guitar bringing to mind The Jam’s, That’s Entertainment) and enough oomph to power a sled, but no cliché is left unturned in the lyrical department. Amongst the extra tracks I enjoyed the zesty cover of Fairytale of New York. GM

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