Acoustic Fridays Vol 1 CD now available

This bargain price CD contains 17 of the best performances, some recorded at Farnham Maltings. Tracklist: Easier To Cry* (Big Wednesday), Heaven Knows (live, Rob Reynolds), Isn't It A Shame (live, Jenny-Lynn Smith), Heart Attack* (Without Grace), She Turns The Key (Sequoia), Firelight (Alastair Brown), Give Up Giving Up* (Laura Colegate), Operator* (Logo), Alcatraz* (Mike Henson), Resuce Me (Rachel Mari Kimber), I Could Be (The Lightyears), Slow Song* (Retrograde Inversion), Lectures & Lies* (Subdelta), All For Nothing (Anna Neale), Gravity* (Rachel Deadman), Tilt-A-Whirl (Case Hardin), Close To Tears (Wire Jesus).

Price: £5

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