Absolute Radio's You Can't Cheat

Some of us just don't have the time, or patience, to wake up that early (7:45am) or even (9:15am). yes we can wade through hours of the free Podcasts available on Itunes, to find the all the answers to the previous questions, but some of us have to work for a living. So I've done it for you....so you won't have to. Maybe its true you can't cheat......but I hope this helps.

Here are the Questions and Answers so far.
Question 1/5: What was roughly about 3200 Kg
Answer: Weight of stolen gold in the film "The Italian Job".
January 2009

Question 2/5: What's next and why 7..9..18..?
Answer: 25 - Date of George Harrison's birthday
Ringo 7th, John 9th, Paul 18th, George 25th - Beatles Birthdays

Question 3/5: I did it twice, who am I?
Clue 1: I did it in the 1980s
Clue 2: I did it on TV
Clue 3: I was a deputy inbetween
Clue 4: School badge
Answer: Mrs McClusky - Headmistress 1981-1984, deputy 1984-1986, Headmistress 1986-1991
Question 4/5: What links Top Gear with High School Musical?
Clue 1: The Other Big Book at Christmas
Official Answer: Both have alarm clocks on page 153 of current Argos catalogue.
What if you shop at Tesco Direct, Littlewoods, or other catalogue companies?
Alternative Answer: Both are Guinness World Record holders.
Question 5/5: What is 98 Seconds?
Answer: Adam Faith's No1 single "What do you want"
19 weeks from 20 Nov 1959 (the total from adding the numbers in question 2, weird)

Apparently you not only must to have the right answer, you must have their right answer. Also Its a mystery to me why they have to ask all 10 lucky callers to answer the questions off-air first. By the time the dice has rolled, the presenters already know the result, so why bother talking to the listener.

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