Poetry for the Inner Child

  “Magic Happens” is a new illustrated book of poetry for all ages by West Sussex based Simon Welsh. Although it has taken 12 long years to complete, some pieces were written in hours, others in days, but one even took 2 years to get right. The series includes nine poems divided into 3 sets: Creatures, Monsters, & Angelic Intervention.
  The Creatures set has Ally Wangle and the Humpergees about a young girl with little creatures that live in her hair, and cause havoc in the classroom. Dinoceros about night time adventures riding on a friendly flying Dinoceros (a cross between a dinosaur and a rhinoceros). And a lovely uplifting tale of Finkymimp and Tanzy, about two new-found friends that meet in the darkness of the wardrobe.
  The Monsters set tells of The Dribble Man, about the dangers of stepping on the cracks in the pavement. Then comes The Gluboo, a slimy story for children who won’t sleep, about a glue-spraying beast that lives under the bed, but this backfires on the grownups. Unit 4, a fabricated holding cell for naughty kids, also ends in tragedy for the only real monsters out there. These are parents that fib to their own children, just to get then to behave.
  The Angelic Intervention set includes Dave Solo, about a little boy who finds an angel to release his artistic side. In Heather and the Unicorn, a little girl who so wants to believe, against everything she’s told, that she slips away into her own world. Very Little Pepper is about a farmer’s son who dreams of marrying a pretty fairy.
  The book has been wonderfully illustrated by Samira Harris and also includes a Studio produced CD of all the poems performed by Simon. He has two other collections entitled All Hail the 21st Century (with 18 poems) and Surviving 1212 (also 18 poems) and he hopes to have these available as books by the end of this year. Simon is currently working on a new project called BridgesYou can get hold of a copy of his book by ordering on the internet for £12.50 including p&p from www.simonwelshpoetry.co.uk, personally from him by attending one of his readings, or over the counter at the Igigi General Store, 31 Western Road, Brighton.

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